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The ONLY independent Saluki breed publication in the World!
The Classic Saluki

We have a SPECIAL right now - all 10 available back issues,
shipped together in one box, for $100.00, plus $17.00 postage inside the US;

plus $72.00 postage elsewhere in the World.
(That's a $150.00 savings!)

See the Back Issues page for more details.

We've been told there has never been such a body of work produced on any other purebred dog.
These are not "current events" magazines. They trace the history of our breed,
with features on major kennels and influential dogs through the years.
Just the history and photos alone are worth the price of the issues.
You don't want to be without any of these available back issues in your Saluki library!
For additional information: Marilyn@labrache.com

After taking a 4 year hiatus -
The Classic Saluki came back as:

Classic Saluki World

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A few copies of the 2013 magazine are still available.


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A few copies of the 2012 and 2013 magazines are still available.

Payments can be made via PayPal to: Marilyn@labrache.com
For additional information: Marilyn@labrache.com
Also look at the back issues section to see if you are missing any of the previous Classic Saluki issues.
We do still have a limited supply of some issues available.

The Classic Saluki has been the only independent Saluki breed publication in the U.S. since 1993.
We produced 25 issues over 15 years. The 2007 issue was our final regular issue as TCS.
However, in 2012 we brought the magazine back as Classic Saluki World.

Please see "Back Issues" for available back issues you may be missing.
The 2007 issue was one of our best and largest issues ever. It includes photographic coverage of the 2006 and 2007 SCOA Nationals.
It also has a special feature on the Sedeki Salukis, as well as several other interesting articles and features, plus two years of It Was a Very Good Year. Thanks to everyone for your contributions!
2007 was our 15th year of publishing this world-class magazine dedicated to the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of the ancient Saluki.  From 1993 to 2002 we published two issues per year, Winter and Summer. In 2003 we went to an Annual format. The 2007 magazine was our 25th issue, and was our last regular publication. In the future we hope to publish a couple of "special editions" and will make announcements at the appropriate time. Thank you to everyone for your interest in, and support of, the magazine!

You can pay via PayPal: Marilyn@labrache.com.
See the Back Issues page for additional ordering details.
The 2005 issue was named a finalist by the Dog Writers Association of American.
See Back Issues for photos of the covers and lists of the major contents of each issue. Many of the issues are now sold out. On the main Back Issues page there is a list of which ones are still available. So check there and be sure your collection is complete.
All involved with The Classic Saluki are proud it has turned out to be the ultimate Saluki magazine. We have presented the knowledge of well recognized fanciers from around the world, focusing on the Saluki's ascent from desert/European/American stock, and tracked the early imports and their influence. We have also shared current concerns among fanciers, studied and contemplated the current/past Western Standards, and featured the records of many important dogs and kennels from the past.
Each issue has contained fascinating articles, thought-provoking discussions, cartoons, special features, and advertising from top kennels throughout the world. Produced on fine, glossy paper, the magazine is "coffee table" quality, and has become a part of the library of serious fanciers and judges alike. It is considered the "Architectural Digest" of the dog world!
We hope you will join our list of fanciers around the world who are enjoying the magazines we have produced.
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Sue Ann Pietros and Marilyn LaBrache Brown in the first Classic Saluki booth at the SCOA National/The Egyptian Event .

Just go to your own PayPal account and direct your payment to: Marilyn@labrache.com

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