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Issue No. 23 - 2005 Annual

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Report regarding the first AKC-SPDBS breed champion, by Mary Beth Halsey-Rogers
2004 SCOA National Specialty, through the lens of Marie Anti and Judy Lauer
Since last we gathered - Fashionista
A First Crufts Experience, by Betsy Cummings
Salukis and Cats - a Photo essay compiled by Marilyn LaBrache Brown
Picking a Puppy, by Wayne Jensen
Remembering those who left us, by their many friends
At the Wishing Well, revisited, by Amy Charles
On current Saluki health issues, by Jo-Ann Van Arsdale, DVM; Gertrude Hinsch, PhD;
Casey Gonda, DVM and MaryDee Sist, DVM
Survey results - You Be The Judge
Celebrate the Saluki - announcements of international events
O Canada!
Canada, the Great White North, by Robbie Pattison
Salukis registered in Canada, 1933-1959
Canadian-bred Salukis in current pedigrees, 1960-present
Imports in current pedigrees, 1960-present
SCOC Specialty Winners, 1973-2004
Iroki, by Robbie Pattison
Windstorm, by Randy and Starr White
Firuza, by Ingrid Romanowski
Lorrequer, by Linda Hawkyard


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