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Issue No. 25 - 2007 Annual

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At The Oasis

Special feature on the Sedeki Salukis

Photo collages of the 2006 and 2007 SCOA National Specialties

Fancying Salukis in India by Irene Holt

Contagious Respiratory Disease in Dogs by Casey Gonda, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM

Contemplating All Things Saluki by Sue Ann Pietros

Salukis, Salukis everywhere by Fashionista

Internet Saluki Pedigree Database by Reba Curtis

Therapy Dogs sharing smiles & joy by Alice Brochner

Too Many Salukis? by E. M. Gilbert, Jr. (from the archives)

All-time Top Ten Salukis by Sue Ann Pietros

"It Was A Very Good Year" section:

Blue Nile True Prophecy by Sara Winstead, Michael McMillan & Linda Hopwood

Desert Rose Srngeti al Monab by Sue Ann Pietros

Elessar's Zeus Odi et Amo by Sue Rooney-Flynn & Francis Broadway

Jen Araby Amir Hasir by Peter Ortiz

Jidda Qusham by Karen Archibald

Kyzyl Kum Flyssa by Brian & Wendy Duggan

Lan-Khara's Mardi Dushyante by Marinelle McCowen

Mata Salamata's Jadaan Khan by Ute Lennartz

Salish Isalegacy by Shawn Davis

Windstorm Melik Gillian by Starr White, Beverly Griffith, Elizabeth Hiscock & Mary Jane Helder

Zahir's Zanzibar by Pam Arwood
Braemoor Baha Khyzelle by Suzanne Barnett, Caroline Coile & Sue Plaiss

Celeres Firebrand of Aerie by Don Adams, Dennis Schmidt, Michael Bell, Kevin Carlson & Jack Helder

Cimmarron Paharia Royale by Sara Drake, Jean Kadel & Amy Charles

Chubasco Boomslang by Jo-Ann Van Arsdale, DVM

Mystery's Flair's Jazz by Fiona Bennett

Samoems Shafquat by Diane Divin

Ua T'etta Iago al Monab by Sue Ann Pietros

Zabarre el 'Rish Alsander  by Julie Zucker & Ute Lennartz


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