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Painting by Lorraine Trenholm

In 2017 we celebrate our 44th year with our beloved Salukis.

Dadaelis is proud to have produced some exceptional Salukis, with outstanding personalities, who have become the cherished companions of their owners.  We have created a line of highly intelligent, sweet and affectionate companion Salukis, who can excel in shows, lure coursing and basic obedience, given the training and opportunity.

They also participate in agility, rally, act in plays, and work as therapy/assistance dogs. Three of the youngsters from our 2009 Kenai x Azali litter are already working as therapy/assistance dogs - one with autistic children, one with substance abuse patients in a private hospital and another with the elderly. One of these pups is also already a seizure-alert dog. The first day he went to work at the hospital he got up off of his cushion, crossed the room during a group therapy session, went and sat next to a man he'd never met before, threw back his head and started making a noise. A couple of seconds later the man stood up, said he was having a seizure and fell to the floor (he's epileptic). The staff helped the man during his seizure and applauded the puppy for his alertness. He was just 3 months old!

We guarantee the health and stability of our puppies, and our contract requires that if, for any reason, during the life of the Saluki, the new owner cannot keep the dog, it must be offered back to us, and cannot be transferred to another party without our written consent.

Our dogs are family-raised, adored treasures from the moment they are born, and allowed to grow strong and confident. While growing up here they are in a safe environment where they can't hurt anything and nothing can hurt them. They have never heard the word "no" when they leave here. They have been gently guided into wanted behavior with love and patience.

I have been a member of the Saluki Club of America since 1976, and subscribe to its Code of Ethics. I served on the Board of Directors for many years and have been on numerous committees, including Ethics and Judges' Education. I held the position of Secretary for four years, and was on the committee that produced the current AKC educational video on the Saluki. The Saluki Club of America is the AKC parent club for Salukis. General information about Salukis can be found on their web site at

Together with my friend Sue Ann Pietros, assisted with page layout & design by Vicky Clarke, I have published a magazine on Salukis since 1993. The Classic Saluki  is considered the "Architectural Digest" for the Saluki breed and has a large International readership. The magazine was published twice per year, Winter and Summer, from 1993 to 2002 (20 bi-annual issues). In 2003 we went to an annual format, and in February 2008 we mailed out issue #25 - the 2007 Classic Saluki. Then we took a four year break, and in 2012 we published our first issue of the new "Classic Saluki World" magazine. Information on the magazine and a general history of the breed can be found on the magazine's web site at

We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our Salukis.

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