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Egyptstf2web.jpg (12798 bytes)We are featuring a series of photographs depicting the Saluki in its many colors.

Black -- black & tan;  black & silver; black, tan & white. Black, tan & white is now sometimes referred to as "tri", although in the original English version of the standard the term "tri" referred to what we now call "parti". Tri  (white, black & tan) = "parti". The first champion Saluki in the world was Eng. Ch. Orchard Shahin - a black & white parti with tan points, thus "tri-colored".
Black-recessive Chocolate (Liver) -- chocolate & tan; chocolate & silver; chocolate, tan & white
Red/Fawn -- "sabled" colors, both black-fringed and liver-fringed; - fawn is a dilute of red
Gold/Cream -- "clear" colors, without black or liver fringing; - cream is a dilute of gold
Within each group we will show other varieties, i.e. parti-color, grizzle, Irish-marked (high white). Grizzle is not a color-it's a pattern, like parti-color.
We're starting the series again. So here is BLACK:
Black & Tan (and Black & Silver and Black, Tan & White)
*It has come to our attention that images from this page have been copied and used in someone else's website, for another purpose. These images are © Copyrighted and may not be taken without specific, written authorization from the magazine and the photographer. Thank you.*
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©Photos above by Ingunn Solberg
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© Photos above by LaBrache

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Grizzle (technically a silver grizzle-the color of the underpinnings,
but because it appears to be black
it is generally referred to as a "black" grizzle)

(Please let me know if you know who took
this lovely photo, so I can give him/her credit.
It was on a Christmas card sent to me many years ago.) Thanks! Marilyn

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© Photos above by LaBrache


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