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Issue No. 14 - Summer 1999

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At The Oasis - Seizures in Salukis by Cathy Chapman, PharmD
Ask The Fancy - Health considerations in the Geriatric Saluki by Mary Dee Sist, DVM
Collection regarding age at time of death by Sue Ann Pietros
More Examinations of coat color in Salukis - Parti color
From across the Pond - comments and recollections from Don Wieden
The Standard - the views of Wayne Jensen, illustrations by Paula Chato

It Was a Very Good Year - 1981 Feature

Bejon Gulfwinds Breeze by Nan Bodine
Bel S'mbran Promise of Atallah by Lynn Fill, Beverly Griffith, Sally Bell and Nan Bodine
Conamor No Fringe Benefits by Fiona Bennett and Sharon Kincaid
D'Ansor Becktor Bathsheba by Gina D'Aun Hayden and Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben
Hidasar Anbuhequ by Cindie Underwood and Terri Locke
Ismahan Amaranthe by Lesley & John Brabyn, Lin Jenkins, Cathy Champman, Ann Mary Pine, Ken & Diana Allan, Joanne Mahon and Judy Gamble
Jen Araby Abu Mu'Awiya by Trudy & Gary Parks and Jo-Ann Van Arsdale, DVM
Sundown Darjalan by Karen Black and Rae Ann Hanna
Trazarra's Azaba of Canem-Dei by Dennis Schmidt and Michael Bell


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