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Issue No. 20 - Summer 2002

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Saluki History: Memorable Milestones, the early years

Contemplating All Things Saluki, by Sue Ann Pietros

SIU Homecoming by John Saunders, Karen Magee & Jaqi TerHarr

The Desert Bred Saluki, by Monica Stoner

The Fabulous Fashionista

FLASH/Classic Saluki Evaluation Match

FALAPA, the French show, Sept. 22-23, 2001

Top Salukis from around the World

Ebony: A Very Special Gift, by Christine Lobbey

From Far Afield, by Vicky Clarke

At the Wishing Well, by Janet Littell Adam
It Was A Very Good Year: 1985 Feature
Ch. Canem-Dei Prime of Life
Ch. Canem-Dei Spice of Life
Ch. Chubasco Noor
Ch. Elysian Fields Zafaran
Ch. Khazar Tahliiq Nishri
Ch. Knightellington Wazir
Makara's Wilyn and Able
mata salamata's Aga Khan
Midbar Bedvi Tarabin
Obi-Wan Isis of Phenix
Tallahamra Mithras Laban
Tallahamra Mithras Perstare
Qadim Kamar ibn Kahlil
Wind Dancer S'Dawn DA Baraka
Wind Dancer S'Dawn DA Shabaka
Ch. Bejon Southwinds Solari

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