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Issue No. 11 - Winter 1998

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At The Oasis...Letters to the Editor
At the Wishing Well - Point of View - Eyes, Tails, Fronts, Where Does It End? by Monica Henderson Stoner
Ask The Fancy - What You Always Wanted to Know - Typical Saluki Outline
The 1997 Egyptian Event-National Specialty photos by Michael Ross
More Examinations of Coat Color in Salukis by Sue Ann Pietros
Bringing Up Baby by Pamela Hargreaves

Special Feature: Warm Valley

  Remembering Nicky by Carol Ann Paice Lantz
  Collection: Warm Valley by Sue Ann Pietros

It Was A Very Good Decade - 1970s Special Feature

  Can. Ch. Dadaelis Nev T'ji Dezaun by Marilyn LaBrache Brown
  Ch. Moshire Twentieth Century-Fox by Karon Carpani, Cathy Chapman, Sara Winsted and Terri Fortner Locke
  Ch. Srinagar Sakuna Kriyananda by Margaret Arlene White and Cathy Chapman
  Sulaika by Cloris Costigan
  Sur-Ra Aziya of Dadaelis, CD by Arlene Harris
  Ch. Sur-Ra Egala Ammon by Arlene Harris
  Ch. Terra's Oribi Haima by Dr. Kathleen Walkirk




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