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Issue No. 13 - Winter 1999

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At The Oasis
Additions to Bayt Shahin, Zubedia, Aqil and Taffy by Dan Belkin
The Egyptian Event Photo Collage by Michael Ross
More Examinations of coat color in Salukis - Fawn

SPECIAL FEATURE - PINE PADDOCKS SALUKIS, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

A thorough history of Esther Bliss Knapp's Pine Paddocks kennel, featuring many of her famous dogs, wonderful advertisments, never before seen photos, and complete kennel records. A must for all Saluki historians.

It Was a Very Good Year - 1980 Feature

Batal Cariad Khysandra by Marilyn Hodge, Montrue Stoner-Townsend, Caroline Coile, PhD
Elysian Fields Mennofer by Janet Adam
Davijoya Dragonsong in Tyana by Monica Henderson Stoner
Henrad Crystalle Izmira by Patsy Hoy
Kenmar-Knoll Balluura by Mary Ellen Gorske, Wendy Duggan
Sedeki-Mazuri An by Susan McGregor-Konopa, Starr White, Patricia Taylor, Katie Howell
Taqr Az Bahja by Carlene Kuhl




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