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Issue No. 19 - Winter 2002
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The Fabulous Fashionista

The National 2001, through the lens of Michelle Hathorn

The National 2001, Judges comments by Michael Williams

The Phone Call, by Marilyn LaBrache Brown & Esther Bliss Knapp

The Wizard Writes....

Frozen Assets by Dr. Caroline Coile, pH.D.

Remembering our Friends lost

Top Salukis: Czechoslovakia and Italy

Special Feature: Billa de Esta (history)

The sultan, the scribe and the Saluki by Stephen Burns

At the Wishing Well by Janet Littell Adam
It Was A Very Good Year - 1984 Feature

Ch. Akkad Kibriya
Ch. Andi Oregold
Ch. Aspen's Gift of Allah
Jen Araby Al Kammal Aqiq
Ch. Batal Kirman Khyber
Ch. Crown Crest Khaladia Tiffany
Crown Crest Royale Egyptian
Ch. Enkiydu Forte
Ch. Sea Wind's Moon Song
Ch. Snowynde Coque de Perle
Ch. Tavanai Khaisuma K-C


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